Should you be moving out of your house to somewhere bigger? This is the question that gets asked over and over again. Well when the house becomes a bit chaotic, kids coming in and out and the house suddenly feeling like it has shrunk this can leave you feeling more than de-flated.

So should you move out or decide to extend your current home to make it large enough for the growing family? In some situations yes of course that is the right move to make. If you have a house with outside space or a loft with enough headroom then extending your property becomes a real possibility and the whole feel of the house can change with it.

Now in order to be able to benefit from the extension of a house you need to consider a variety of factors. If you are looking to add value to your home then you must do your homework when it comes to extending, make sure you have planning approval, something which we spoke about in our blog about building your dream home 

You also need to think about the financial implications of a project, for example, expanding your house is great to obtain extra room, but what if you are looking to make a profit from your house? You must look at the costs of the extension and decide whether the value increase on your house is worth it or not. This can come down to many factors, with location being the biggest determent on whether it is worth it.

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