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For many people the bathroom is something that acts as a safe haven from the children or from the stress of your work day. We all know the feeling of getting home, kicking the shoes off and getting into a nice hot relaxing bath. Many home-owners we have found in Cardiff and South Wales neglect the interior design aspect of the main bathroom and secondary bathroom in the home. Over the years we have operated, our bathroom fitters in Cardiff have completed various designs and layouts for numerous clients through Cardiff and South Wales. We can help you from start to finish with your bathroom fitting and our bathroom fitters in Cardiff are truly experts at completing any aspect, from designing the bathroom to the hands on work.


When it comes to choosing the design of your bathroom our bathroom fitters in Cardiff have seen customers select these choices;

The Traditional option; Our bathroom fitters in Cardiff feel this is a great option as traditional looks take a lot more time to become dated. By using vintage style bathtubs, toilets and sinks, not to mention the colour which would be a neutral green or blue, your bathroom would really take on that traditional look. Plus, if you live in a property that is slightly traditional perhaps a minimalist, modern bathroom wouldn’t match the rest of the house.

White & Modern which gives the bathroom that minimalistic, almost plain white finish, using white tiles, white sinks, baths etc. This is a great bathroom design idea for those with a modern, chic property and it also makes cleaning a lot easier for you.

Modern and Trendy bathroom designs are also something our bathroom fitters in Cardiff are more than happy to complete for you. When we say modern and trendy, we mean if you were to look inside the latest interior design books you would source the latest ideas in bathroom designs, this would give you a great idea of exactly what a newly modernised bathroom would look like. Things like, floating sinks, strangely shaped bathtubs and interestingly designed taps all come to mind when our bathroom fitters in Cardiff think of a modern and trendy bathroom. Of course sleek style and modern design can come at a price, but the results you will see at the end will of most definitely be worth it.

The final option we advise customers to think of before thinking about getting a bathroom designed would be to consider making the bathroom a wet room. What do we mean by this? Well a wet room acts as a large open shower with a bigger drainage system, instead of having to open the shower door and step inside, you just walk in turn the shower on and enjoy! The water will then drain quickly through the floor.  The benefits of a wet room are that they are practical for older people or people with disabilities, they are fully waterproofed and are usual made with tiles making them easily cleanable. Contact our bathroom fitters in Cardiff today and we can deal with you straight away and advise you of the designs and options available.