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If you ever find yourself thinking about how old your property may be, please do not overlook the roofing aspect. Most properties over time will develop roofing issues, we feel it is vitally important to check your roof regularly to ensure there is no unwanted holes, mould or deterioration. The longer you leave the problem the worse it will become so when you notice that there is something out of the ordinary on your roof then please contact us to deal with your roof repairs in Cardiff.

If the roof does develop weather damage or starts to develop leaks that are dripping into your home, then getting the issue resolved quickly and efficiently should be at the forefront of your mind. Due to the wet British weather, many of our clients have noticed mould appearing in their property which the roof may play a massive factor in causing. Mould will spread and spread until treated correctly and firstly before tackling it you must source the problem at hand. Firstly, if you notice mould consider calling us to complete roof repairs in Cardiff, once that has been done then we can aid you in helping prevent further mould spreading in the property.



As a commercial property gets older the roof takes constant damage from the various weather conditions that occur over time. Having to close a business or commercial property due to a roofing issue is something that can be easily avoided by making the correct checks to ensure you will never be caught out. Once you notice a leakage, mould or bad wear and tear to your roof then it is vital you contact our team here at The Best Builders Cardiff and we can organise your roof repairs in Cardiff quickly and efficiently for the fairest prices using the most experienced and professional workers.

Here are some tips on what to look out for when doing an inspection on your roof;

Tiled roofs

•       Damp areas or obvious leaks may be caused due to a missing tile or if it is out of place allowing the water to pierce the surface.

•       If a tile or multiple tiles has come away from the roof, it is important to get roof repairs in Cardiff to quickly replace it to prevent any other water dripping through. If the weather has been bad, with high winds, we feel that is a perfect opportunity to check your roof for any missing tiles.

Flat roofs

•       Be sure to look around the edges for any splits or cracks, these will allow water to penetrate below.

•       A common tendency for flat roofs is sagging, due to wet weather the roof will build up water and can potentially break under the weight. Getting roof repairs in Cardiff can stop this from occurring.

•       If you have noticed damp patches on the ceilings that the flat roof is below, then it may be caused by a tear in the roof which could occur from a range of reasons.

•       If you take a step back from your property and check your flat roof periodically you may be able to spot uneven lumps, this is another sign that you may need roof repairs in Cardiff.