1. Find a place to build 

Finding the right site is key in order to carry out a successful build. We have touched on this before with previous blogs [insert flat pack url] but finding a plot can be a real nightmare, BUT don’t panic. There are lots of resources our there to help you find your dream plot. Sites such as plotsearch and government sites are super useful.

2. Set a realistic budget

Not all building projects have to be money pits, not at all. Take a sensible approach to budgeting and you should not fall over any hurdles. Always have a contingency of around 10%-15%. This should be used for any unexpected costs during the project.

3. Get in touch with planning departments

Getting in touch with planners is the best way to figure out whether your project is viable. Most local authority planning departments offer pre-application advice.

This can help you get a strong idea of what your planning officer will and won’t accept in terms of size, style and any materials that must not be used.

4. Preapre your plot

The first step to getting your plot underway is to prepare the site for building work. That means sorting the groundworks, such as clearing vegetation and levelling the ground and setting out trenches.

5. Get Building 

This is the most exciting time. There are generally two ways to build a home, the first way is brick and block which is traditional but more and more houses are being constructed using timber frames, which is great for quick schedules. Another way of building is flat-pack homes, something we touched on in previous blogs.