Just last week we had a customer come through our business looking for an astro-turf to be laid in his garden, this kind of job can be tackled in many ways. I wanted to write a blog on the different types of pitches you can get.

Artifical grass can be made primarily out of 3 components; polyethylene, polypropylene and nylon. Each of these materials have different characteristics and are used depending on the type of pitch needed.

Astro turf or synthetic pitches have a general life span of 10-15 years. Many schools have installed artificial grass surfaces, most commonly as part of an all weather training capacity.

The most popular type of synthetic turfing is called Third generation (3g) turf. The turf contains rubber crumbs and sand in fills for extra performance. This type of surface utilises longer fibres to ensure it can hold both rubber and sand infills. The third generation synthetic pitches are generally regarded as being about as safe to play as natural grass surfaces. In cold conditions the ground does not freeze over, therefore providing a safer ground for children to play physical sports on, such as rugby.

3g turf surfaces are normally used for football but can also be used for rugby however a shock pad is required to be installed underneath it. The benefits to artifical grass is that is looks and feels natural and can be played on at all times. The turf also retains its characterisitcs and is maintenance friendly. The turf is also environmentally friendly and requires no water in most cases which means no water wastage. There is also no need to have to mow the lawn which results in no weed removal and no CO2 emissions or pesticides.

The drawbacks to artificial turf is that it can be a heat hazard as the ground absorbs the heat, this can make it dangerous to play on there. Also really important to note that once you choose artificial turf you have no choice but to install another synthetic turf as it kills living organisms in the subsoil making it impossible without years of remediation to grow anything on that surface.