–        If there is ever an option to save money, our builders in Cardiff feel you should take it! Using dimming switches for your lights and using energy efficient bulbs can seriously save you some money over the duration of the year. Why wouldn’t you want to save some of your hard earned money by such a simple yet effective tip? If you are having difficulty installing a dimmer switch, give our builders in Cardiff a call.

–        Whenever you need something for the house, going to a local retailer who stocks materials to help you with your home DIY is the best option. Our builders in Cardiff feel that taking pictures of what has maybe broken or needs repairing, as it can be a good referencing point for the staff member dealing with you to ensure they are giving you exactly what you need to complete the task.

–       If you are a newbie to home DIY our builders in Cardiff recommend that you start small! By this we mean, don’t try to attempt a home extension on your own… Completing the small tasks will build your confidence and in turn give you experience using the tools needed to complete the job. When you have gained some DIY experience you will feel a lot more comfortable attempting to complete the bigger home DIY jobs.

–       Another good tip our builders in Cardiff will recommend is giving the walls in your bedrooms, lounges and kitchens a fresh lick of paint! When a room in a property has new paint it gives that room an updated, modern feel which in turn spells our VALUE added to your home. When choosing paint colours or Cardiff builders feel that Neutral colours appeal to the majority of people and from experience it is what is mostly desirable to people in South Wales.

–       Regular inspections we feel are vital to ensuring you find out whether any work actually needs to be carried out. Our builders in Cardiff have worked on numerous jobs for clients that had no idea that they had deteriorating roofs or outdated electrical systems. If you feel you cannot complete general home inspections yourself, then feel free to call us and we will happily deal with that for you.